Orient Construction

Having started to operation in 1995 in construction sector, Orient Construction & Contracting Co.Ltd. has continued its rapid growth during this time, and has sustained its works in line with the seriousness of the responsibility it has during the restructuring process of our country as one of the reliable and respectful companies of the construction sector.


  • - In the Construction Sector we are operating;
  • - To keep the customer satisfaction at the highest level satisfying the costumers and legal conditions
  • - To be reliable and respectful
  • - Not to compromise honesty
  • - To broaden the fields of activities and to bring to innovation in our country by following up the developing technology
  • - To represent our country in the best manner abroad
  • - To become one of the best companies in the construction sector
  • - To improve the production quality.
  • - The most efficient precaution to prevent the countries resources from extravagance is making the production with the quality and seriousness that lowers the repair and maintenance costs to the minimum level.
  • -Economy is maintained by putting forward the best possible work at once, and in accordance with the suggested program.